Monday, May 3, 2010

feverfew tincture

i am going to make a feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) tincture. i have it growing in my yard. i planted one plant quite a few years ago - and it has popped up everywhere. i'll put some leaves in a jar, cover with alcohol, shake it up every few days and in 6 weeks, strain out the plant material.

with the name feverfew you'd think it was a fever-reducing plant, but it isn't. what it does do is help dramatically in cases of migraine, arthritis pain, rheumatism, and muscle spasms. it also appears to help with painful menstruation.

feverfew is edible and medicinal. because of its bitter taste, making a tea isn't an option. to ward off migraines and muscle pain you can eat 3-4 smaller leaves per day, take regularly to receive maximum benefit.

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