Monday, June 13, 2011

bee sting... and plantain

i got my first bee sting a few hours ago. i had heard about using plantain (Platago major)... pick a leaf, chew it up to release it's juices, and apply it to the sting. almost immediately, the pain subsided - the stinging stopped - the swelling went down. you can keep it in place with a band-aid. 

plantain is known to have amazing drawing power. it pulls out poison and draws out infection. it can also be used for cuts or scapes since it has a lot of value in calming skin conditions.

maybe you have seen it growing around your yard or neighborhood... most people think of it as a 'weed' - but it is not. i am happy to have this 'weed' growing in my yard.


  1. that's so cool! but how did you just get your FIRST bee sting?

  2. i was gardening... and i stepped on the little sucker. i don't know how i never got a bee sting before... but so glad i never had, and hope it doesn't happen again soon !