Wednesday, September 30, 2009

eight weeks later

i have solomon's seal root (Polygonatum biflorum) tincture. i am so pleased. my first tincture.

i put cheesecloth over a bowl and squeezed. i then labeled bottles; one for storage, one with dropper - with common name - latin name - date i started the tincture - date i squeezed it - and what was used: 50% herb - 50% grain alcohol. a few weeks ago i read that you can run your tincture thru a blender - especially if using roots - like i was - to help break down the root better and get more medicine out of it. 

what did i notice ? well... it was very slimy. which makes sense because i just read that solomon's seal is mucilaginous. mucilage is a gelatin like substance found in herbs. it is used in medicine for it's demulcent properties. demulcent herbs have the effect of acting as a protective barrier on inflamed or irritated tissue. these herbs are soothing and cooling.

solomon's seal helps joint injuries and helps restore lubrication and pliancy in the joints and tendons... and after actually touching the herb - it was thick and slimy - so it makes sense that it lubricates.

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