Friday, September 25, 2009

whats out there... ?

well. there are no open lush fields around here where i can go harvest... i live in a cement pit - 20 minutes from downtown los angeles. this isnt all so sorry and sad... i have angeles crest national forest 45 minutes away... and the santa monica mountain range is close enough.

got me thinking about my herb garden.... some things i planted that did well and then did not. its to hot for the fragile chamomile... not sure what happened to the horehound... rue is putting up a good fight... mints are struggling, but i have faith in the mints. catnip is doing so-so.... and valerian comes and goes. lemon balm has dwindled back. comfrey is trying. lemon verbena was vibrant - but is now pale. basil was strong but is now twiggy. feverfew was abundant - now it is not - but i think it will bounce back.

so - i thought - work with what is working out there. concentrate on the plants that are thriving and have held tight for years. the herbal pillars in my little community that have held strong. everytime i walk out to the garden - there they are - standing tall and proud.

and even though i can just as easily order big batches from mountain rose herbs ( and they will be here in a few days... something is tugging at me to go look in my own backyard. i know who they are.... lavender has stood tall and quiet in the corner for 12 years. i cut her back many times when she got unruly - but she stays. and sage keeps going strong. and the surprise oregano. beautiful flowing happy. and marjoram who has the bunko spot where all the water collects and its sludge under my feet where you live, but you like it i suppose.

what i want to do is gather some information on those plants. the ones who have stuck it out in my yard.

my new allies




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