Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lavender tincture

i started a lavender tincture today after reading about nervines last night. a nervine is a plant remedy that helps the nervous system. There are three different types of nervines: tonic, relaxing and stimulating. a nervine tonic can help strengthen and restore tissues directly in cases of shock or stress. they feed and heal the nervous system. a nervine relaxant is used in times of stress or anxiety - not to tranquilize - but to calm. there's a slew of herbs that can help with this - and even specific herbs to calm different parts of the body and systems during illness. nervine stimulants directly stimulate the nervous tissues. i could not find a real clear answer as to why you would need to stimulate them - maybe if they are sluggish and things aren't working properly - but i did find a lot of cautions when looking up this term... side effects, psychological problems etc...

the lavender nervine i read about last night said it was mood enhancing. useful in times of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, headachy. i would describe it as something that might be helpful when i feel - what i call - spun. it was described as 'a hug in a bottle'.

i found out something else. i previously posted that my lavender was Lavendula angusifolia. but it's not. i looked at some pictures. i have Lavendula dentata.

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