Wednesday, November 4, 2009

food as medicine

i talked to a friend today who said she felt like she was coming down with something - she asked what she could take. she had no herbal medicine around - so i told her about lemon, garlic, honey and cayenne pepper (use all organic). good old stand by when you feel something coming on. squeeze the juice of one lemon, chop a few cloves of garlic, tablespoon of honey and as much cayenne as you can handle. boil water and make a tea. drink every few hours when you feel crappy. why ?  

garlic: rich in antioxidants which help destroy free radicals - particles that can damage cell membranes. fights infections and boosts immunity.  

honey: antimicrobial properties. soothes sore throats and can kill the bacteria that causes it. and it makes it taste better  :) 

lemon: blast of vitamin c, loosens mucus, cleanse liver, fights congestion, detoxify body.  

cayenne pepper: capsaicin - the active ingredient in cayenne pepper can help overcome fatigue and restore stamina. it stimulates the circulatory system which helps deliver fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart. it will also make you hot and help sweat it out.

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  1. will have to keep this in mind! I use a ginger, lemon, honey tea :-) works wonders!