Wednesday, November 18, 2009

spending time with lavender

i am reading a book by Pam Montgomery called Plant Spirit Healing and i am absolutely inspired. its about joining in a relationship with plants. so everyday i go out and spend time with lavender (Lavendula dentata). it's been a little difficult for me since i am not one to sit around. i am learning that it is a relationship that needs to be nurtured just like any other - spending time, caring. i sit there - i am absolutely giving myself up to this process. 'hello... i don't know what i am doing... but i came to visit again today'. and i sit. yesterday i went out with a magnifying glass and looked real close at the flowers and leaves  - paying attention to details - i did notice differences in the newer and older leaves. the leaves of dentata are almost like little woven baskets. i touch the leaves - smell the leaves. i am looking at the environment it lives in - what it likes. it is in full sun - so that means its energy is active, stimulating, masculine, drying, outward. this lavender plant was one the first plants i put in the ground 13 years ago when i bought this house. a lot of plants have come and gone. this lavender has not. i took pictures of it - which actually helped me focus on the plant. i tasted it. i am learning the taste of a plant will help me understand the organ or system it helps in the human body. so for today - i just go out and sit with lavender.

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